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Energy Audit Software – Reporting Features

The end result of an energy-audit is typically a report for presentation to the business. Both BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro assist in report preparation, reducing the time it takes to assemble the information into a readable form.

  • BizEE Benchmark cuts reporting time to zero by auto-generating a report with graphs and figures calculated from your energy-model (see sample report).
  • BizEE Pro offers much greater control over report content, offering a number of features to speed up the report preparation process.
A report template defines the content and layout of this report snippet

Report templates

Both BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro use what we call 'report templates'. A report template defines the layout of a report – what text goes where, the fonts, colours, logos, graphs etc.

Standard report templates

Both software packages come with standard report templates included (currently one per package):

If our users request them, we can add more standard report templates to either BizEE Benchmark or BizEE Pro. For example, we could build a BizEE Benchmark template that focused on CO2 savings rather than cost; a template that allowed for greater flexibility (at the expense of increased user time input); or a template that generated a spreadsheet instead of a text report. If you think new standard report templates are important, please let us know what you want.

Custom report templates

We can also generate report templates specifically for the needs of a particular client: specific text, graphs, corporate branding etc.

Because of the cost associated with the development and maintenance of a report template, a custom report template is only likely to be cost-effective for a client making heavy use of the software.

If you'd like us to let you know when the Energy Audit Software becomes available, please email info@energyauditsoftware.com.

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