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BizEE Benchmark – Energy Benchmarking Software

Use BizEE Benchmark's automated approach to deliver effective energy audits in minimal time.

BizEE Benchmark has been designed for exceptionally fast energy auditing. The focus is on dramatically cutting the time it takes to assess a business's energy consumption and energy-saving potential.

Configuring common energy uses is quick and easy with the optional wizard

Using benchmark-based analysis of past energy consumption data, BizEE Benchmark can rapidly generate an informative report for presentation to the business (see a sample BizEE Benchmark report).

Benefits of BizEE Benchmark

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Using BizEE Benchmark

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The final report

A summary graph from a BizEE Benchmark report

The end result of a BizEE Benchmark audit is a report for delivery to the business. It's worth reading through the sample report to get an idea of what BizEE Benchmark is capable of delivering in a very short space of time.

Different report styles and content can be catered for with report templates. The sample report was generated with the standard report template included with BizEE Benchmark. It demonstrates the sort of information that a BizEE Benchmark report can contain:

* To keep the auditing process as quick as possible, very little information on a specific business needs to be entered to generate a BizEE Benchmark report (see 'Using BizEE Benchmark'). For this reason BizEE Benchmark simply doesn't have the data that would be necessary to provide highly specific advice on exactly how savings should be made (e.g. "change the timer settings on the heating system from x to y", "fit x control-system to the upstairs lighting").

The general pointers that BizEE Benchmark provides are useful and informative, but highly specific advice requires an altogether more detailed auditing approach: for this we designed BizEE Pro.

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