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Energy Audit Software – Features

Although BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro are intended for different types of energy auditing, in most respects they both offer very similar features.

Both BizEE packages use the same underlying energy modelling system for energy consumption / cost / CO2 emission calculations.

Both packages also offer similar reporting features to speed up the assembly of information into a report for presentation to the business.

Aside from the core functionality, both packages offer the same 'general features': things like the user-interface and automatic update system.

Enter figures in whatever units you find them

Shared features used in different ways

If you've skipped straight to this page you may be wondering what difference there actually is between BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro! In fact, they make use of their shared features in quite different ways: take a look at the sections on BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro for more information.

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