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For fast and accurate energy-auditing

BizEE Pro – Professional Energy Audit Software

Use BizEE Pro to improve the speed and calculation-accuracy of detailed energy audits.

The primary aim of BizEE Pro is to assist professionals in evaluating and recommending specific energy-efficiency measures.

BizEE Pro has options for modelling a wide range of systems

The ultimate benefit of BizEE Pro is that professional energy audits can be carried out faster, and with improved accuracy.

Greatly improved calculation power

By 'calculations' we mainly refer to the steps that are required to accurately estimate the savings that would result from specific energy-efficiency measures. Using BizEE Pro to make such calculations offers numerous advantages over traditional approaches (spreadsheet, calculator, paper):

Quickly calculate the savings resulting from an energy-efficiency measure

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Faster report preparation

BizEE Pro can speed up the report preparation process – putting your recommendations into an appropriate format for presentation to the business.

Focus on flexibility

We appreciate that different users want different levels of control over the report-writing process. If the reports generated by BizEE Pro's standard report templates aren't appropriate for your requirements, you have several options:

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Using BizEE Pro

Using BizEE Pro to audit a business involves the following three steps:

1. Create a model of the business

The first step is to create a model of the business in its current state. The model describes factors such as the activity areas (or zones), the occupancy hours, the energy inputs (or fuels) that supply energy to the site, and the energy uses that consume the energy.

It's not essential to model the entire business – you can leave out sections that aren't related to the energy-efficiency measures you wish to investigate.

If you have access to past consumption data, BizEE Pro can make a comparison to assess the accuracy of your model. You can make changes to your model until you are satisfied.

2. Apply energy-efficiency measures to calculate savings

Now that you have a model of the business in its current state, you can make changes to the model and quickly calculate the savings that those changes would bring.

Calculate the savings of measures such as reducing space heating temperatures

Your current-state model serves as the starting point for every 'measure' that you investigate. You are free to make any change, or combination of changes, as part of a measure; once you have made the change(s), you can click a button to view the savings (cost / energy / CO2 emissions) that would result. If you are happy with the results you can add the measure to a list of recommendations.

3. Prepare the report

For each of your recommended measures, you write some text to explain the measure. To speed up this process, BizEE Pro gives you the option of selecting text from a set of editable stock paragraphs describing common energy-efficiency measures.

You choose a report template, which BizEE Pro uses to assemble your calculated figures and text into a report for presentation to the business.

As mentioned above, there are several options for further flexibility, should you require it.

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Example energy-efficiency measure calculations

The following example energy-efficiency measures differ considerably in their actual calculation complexity. However, as far as the BizEE Pro user is concerned, calculating the energy / cost / CO2 emission savings of each is just a few mouse-clicks away.

* For certain calculations, it's common for more than one energy input (or fuel) to be involved (e.g. a gas heating system typically has electrical pumps and controls etc.). BizEE Pro considers all the affected energy inputs when making its calculations.

The above list is just a small sample: the powerful and flexible approach of BizEE Pro means that there are few limits to the measures (or combinations of measures) that you can investigate.

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