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For fast and accurate energy-auditing

Energy Audit Software

Rapidly deliver accurate and cost-effective energy-audits with Energy Audit Software.

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Energy Audit Software can significantly cut the time it takes to provide a business with personalized energy-efficiency advice supported by accurate figures.

Two Energy Audit Software packages: BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro

BizEE Benchmark or BizEE Pro?

BizEE Pro makes it easy to calculate the savings of an energy-efficiency measure

BizEE Pro has been designed for professionals with a good knowledge of energy-efficiency: it helps such professionals to audit businesses faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively. However, BizEE Pro is not a substitute for expert knowledge.

BizEE Benchmark has a much wider potential audience. Its automated approach allows the energy-efficiency of a business to be audited extremely quickly, without requiring much knowledge of energy-efficiency. It can be used by energy-efficiency professionals for broad-brush auditing, but it can also be used effectively by organizations offering energy-efficiency advice alongside other services (e.g. accountants, business consultants, energy suppliers).

See the pages on BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro for more information.

You may want both BizEE packages

BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro can be used independently to full effect, but they can also complement each other effectively:

* Energy consumption data are not required to carry out an audit using BizEE Pro, but, when available, can be used to improve the accuracy of the calculations.

BizEE Benchmark can rapidly generate valuable figures and charts

How to get the BizEE Benchmark and BizEE Pro software

Neither of our Energy Audit Software packages are available yet. If you'd like us to let you know when they do become available, please email info@energyauditsoftware.com.

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